Books related to JJ's maneuver swallow

Enjoying a nice drink in the harbor or at anchor with a sundowner or reading a good book in one of the most beautiful places are part of the emotional moments that we love so much about sailing and that we have embodied in JJ's maneuver swallow.

On our cruises or when we just couldn't be on the water, we really enjoyed reading a few books that we would like to present to you here.

And if you don't want it to be a book, here are some links to browse through: Link

Can you take the sail out of the sun by Johannes Erdmann: Funny stories from the everyday life of a charter skipper. Very entertaining and quick read

The Discovery of Slowness by Sten Nadolny: Award-winning novel in which the fictional seafarer / polar explorer, despite his weakness, is able to celebrate great successes, his slowness. As a seafarer, he knows the importance of his ship, precise navigation and possible scenarios. As a result, he gains great acceptance among the crew and in seafaring circles.

Horatio Hornblower by CS Forester: In 11 novels, the career of the hero Hornblowers is presented in the Royal Navy at the time of Napoleon. Hornblower has enjoyed a stellar career marked by bravery, intelligence and determination. But maybe it was the maneuver swallow (splice the mainbrace ) ;)

Bernard Moitessier's victory that was given away: "The wake bubbles alive, foaming white during the day and disappears at night like a brightly shining comet's tail, sparkling in the darkness astern." The opening lines make the reader feel the love for sailing right at the beginning of the book. And it is precisely this love of the sea and turning away from "normal life" that is the reason why Bernard Moitessier deliberately gave away the victory of a single-handed regatta in order to steal the system. The book is a real sailing classic!

Seamanship handbook for yachting: You don't have to say anything about that. Just worth checking out again and again.

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