JJ's Maneuver Swallow — A great gift for sailors

Are you looking for an original gift for a sailor, your skipper or a maritime fan?

Maybe you've already thought of a small ship's bell or something else brass-colored. But you still have doubts because you don't know whether he or she likes something like this or already has it? But you know; It has to be something special, which definitely gives pleasure and preferably has a story.

That's exactly what JJ's Maneuver Gulp is definitely a great gift for. Not just because you have a gift that looks great, tastes great and can also be drunk together. But also because rum and the obligatory maneuver drink are deeply connected to seafaring.

With a bottle of JJ's Maneuvergulp, you will definitely attract attention and you can be sure to bring joy.

Here you can order a bottle directly.