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Here is a small selection of links to friends, blogs or pages that are simply useful. Enjoy browsing.

  • Lagertha Segel und Reiseblog ( ): Very entertaining blog by Julia and Tobi. The two of them just got their sailing license and quickly bought a boat. As a newcomer to sailing, things don't always work out right away. Julia and Tobi describe their experiences, fortunes and mishaps in a funny way. Very entertaining.
  • SegelPlanet sail log ( ): Stepan has put together a lot of useful information in his blog. It's worth keeping the blog on your radar.
  • Weißraum Design ( ): Bernd helped us design the bottle. You can hold the result in your own hands ;)
  • Marina Guide ( ) Great overview and descriptions of ports / marinas. The two creators of the site have created an overview of various marinas over time and with a lot of support from sailors & co. The reason for this was simple, they couldn't find a chart so they did it themselves. This reminds us a bit of JJ's maneuver swallow. We couldn't find a suitable rum for sailing either...
  • Barfuss Segelreisen ( ) On our last sailing trip we met Jörg from Barfuss Segelreisen. Jörg was anchored with his boat next to ours and we spontaneously visited him with a bottle of Manöverschipp. After a few glasses we had made new friends.
  • SAILPARTNER ( ) We met Michael from SAILPARTNER through our friends from Sailwithus and later met again at the German Company Cup. At SAILPARTNER you can, for example, prepare for the SSS and SHS exam.
  • Seglerhock ( ) If you don't know what a hock is, you probably don't come from Baden. A hock is a small celebration of crouching (sitting), talking and drinking together. Since hocks cannot take place at the moment, Tatjana and Marius had the idea of ​​implementing the hock digitally and picking up a topic for each hock (e.g. safety on the water).