DCC 2021; Segelboot Typ Corby mit schwarzen Segeln. Auf dem Großsegel ist eine orange Manöverschluck Falsche z sehen. Man sieht auf dem Bild ein Mann an der PInne und einer am Großfall. Vor dem Boot seiht man eine aufgeblasene Regattatonne mit dem Logo vom Deutschen Company Cup.

The Manöverschluck Story

What is a Manöverschluck and how did JJs Manöverschluck come about? Find out here!

Where does the Manöverschluck come from?

The tradition of the Manöverschluck comes from the Royal Navy from a time when the daily ration of rum was still taken for granted. Whenever the crew performed a particularly dangerous emergency repair, they were given an extra ration of rum, the Manöverschluck. Incidentally, the Manöverschluck is called "splicing the main brace" in English, as is the emergency maneuver.

The modern Manöverschluck

Nowadays, the Manöverschluck is drunk by sports and recreational sailors as a reward for a successful maneuver or a special moment aboard. Maneuvers can also be course changes while sailing. But it's not advisable to celebrate a Manöverschluck every time you change course.

A Manöverschluck usually consists of a high-proof drink. Each crew member is free to participate in the ritual.

By the way, it is not recommended to perform a Manöverschluck during a maneuver, since it is easy to choke, which is called "maneuver choke". A Manöverschluck without a maneuver is rarely practiced and is therefore referred to as a "Schluckmanöver".

Gründer Foto links David, rechts Jens

The origin

David and Jens, the two founders of JJs Manöverschluck, were on a sailing trip together. Of course, a rum for the maneuvers was on hand. In the evening on deck wathcing the sunset they talked about the fact that a classic rum is often too heavy and that there should be something fresh and delicious. That's how the idea for JJs Manöverschluck was born: spirits from sailors for sailors.

The Sailing Route

With the aim of finding a new favorite drink for our sailing trips, we hoisted sail for a long journey. We knew it should taste like the sunset in a lonely bay, the weathered storm and the rising wind after a long calm. We captured all of those feelings in JJs Manöverschluck.

The precious cargo - the taste

Through the use of high-quality ingredients and unique recipes, a first-class taste that has received numerous awards from experts is achieved. JJs Manöverschluck stands for modern, delicious spirits that simply taste good on board.

The most beautiful berth - the design

Our bottles are practical and handy, perfect for passing around on board. The striking colors are reminiscent of buoys and life jackets on the high seas, while the abstract logo depicts a sailing manoeuvre. The colors blue and white symbolize the sky, the clouds, the sails and the sea. The writing on the bottle is reminiscent of historical seafaring stencils that were used to label rum barrels and wooden boxes. The cork on our bottles pays homage to the many beautiful wooden boats that sail the seas.

The home port - a gateway to the world

We got the idea for JJs Manöverschluck on the water, but rum is better drunk there than it is made. That's why Hamburg has become the home port of JJs Manöverschluck. Not for nothing is Hamburg called the gateway to the world. Because here in the port of Hamburg, after a long sea voyage, the special treasures from all over the world reach Germany. Just like our rum from the Caribbean, which is refined for the special taste experience of JJs Manöverschluck at the gates of Hamburg.

Our contribution to clean seas

As sailors, we enjoy the relaxation at sea that nature gives us. We see that the seas are getting more and more polluted. That's why we donate 50 cents to the organization "The Ocean Cleanup" for every bottle of JJs Manöverschluck sold, which works to keep the oceans clean.

In recognition of our commitment, we received the " Global Green Award ".